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Anthony has been running WUWT for five years now. YEAH!

I doubt it is possible to overstate how much Anthony Watts has done for humanity. I know that sounds hyperbolic, but think. If Algore had his way, the world would be in worse shape than it was 100 years ago. Environmentalists don’t care that the environment is clearer today of man-made pollutants than it was 70 years ago, they won’t care when we have it cleaner than it was 100 years ago. They won’t be happy until it is cleaner (of human-created pollutants) than it was 10,000 years ago when there were too few humans to create any significant amount of it. Unfortunately for us and our posterity, the only way to accomplish what they want is to kill us all. Yes, the unstated ugly goal of enviro-greens is to kill us all, at least almost all. They are kinda happy with themselves, I’m sure.

With AGW catastrophism, the Algores of the world had a cause with traction. They threatened for a while to do us all grave harm. A few brave souls, like Senator Jim Inhofe, stood in the way and slowed down the diabolical plans of the greens and alarmists long enough for scientists like Lindzen (and other greats) and laymen like Anthony to spread the word and expose the truth and stop the monster that would have enslaved and impoverished us all.

Anthony is also helping to expose the sorry state of science. While progressives complain that conservatives are antiscience, the conservatives continue to do real science and further our sound knowledge. Honesty and openness in all things–that is what is required. Grants and our current state of peer-review are not helping keep things open and honest. Still, a few will follow the money, and the truth will out. I have hope that humanity and scientists will continue to fight the good fight and move forward toward truth and away from dogma.

So, a hat-tip to Anthony Watts and those who diligently help him maintain the most significant blog of our time!

With some things, one must expect to be ignored, like writing blogs–at least until one develops some skill at it. With other things, it just hurts. It can be annoying, but mostly, one just feels rejected.

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