Another from Terry Scott Taylor and Daniel Amos.

Thick Skin

from the album “Mr Buechner’s Dream”

Music by Daniel Amos, Words by T.S. Taylor

©2001 Zoom Daddy/BMI

I’ve opened up a place

In this simple song

It’s a little bit of space

I’m leaving…

Taking chances

At first glances

That you’ll get me all wrong

And cross out every word I’m singing



Or this could grow on you

(my friend)

Might not knock you down

Or drag you in

But it’s a place I can begin

To get under your antenna

and your

Thick skin


How about a little wind

In your perfect hair?

How about a little swim

In my ocean?…

I’m dreaming in and breathing in

The metaphoric air

Designed to get your faith in motion



Working in precision

(on your) Thick skin

Making an incision

(in your) Thick skin

Creating some division

(in your) Thick skin

Dropping words of wisdom

(on your),Thick skin


I’ve opened up a vein

And let the ink get out

It’s dripping from the hand

I’m moving…

The mystery in You and me

Is what it’s all about

And true love is the scalpel

I’ve been using


via Daniel Amos : Mr Buechner’s Dream Lyrics.