Living in Oklahoma, this seems worth reposting on my own blog. While, Oklahoma is not mentioned, the May 3rd, 1999, Oklahoma City tornado is mentioned as one of the most powerful ever. In my nonexpert opinion, it was the most powerful ever measured, though it was not the “biggest” by some measures. So, it is appropriate to call it “one of the most…”. The 2011 Joplin tornado is discussed. Joplin is in the stomping grounds of my youth. I know Joplin and OKC quite well. The Oklahoma City tornado was much bigger, doing more damage over much more area, affecting multiple communities. Still, Joplin is MUCH smaller than OKC, and it is the only large town for many miles. The impact of the 2011 tornado on Joplin must not be underestimated. Still, the media simply forgot about history when they started covering Joplin. The sensationalism and alarmism reported were completely unjustified, given that many people involved should have had firsthand experience with the OKC monster, and many should have had first-person knowledge of the 70s super outbreak. Likewise the recent devastating rural tornadoes, essentially wiping communities off the map. Pitcher, Oklahoma, is an example local to me, between Joplin and OKC.

Watts Up With That?

Until the April 26/27th 2011 tornado outbreak, The April 3rd 1974 was the biggest outbreak of tornadoes in US history. Last year, the usual suspects railed about how the outbreak was a clear consequence of global warming> climate change> climate disruption, even going so far as saying such linkage was “required by ethics” (insert facepalm here).  I called them all “Hucksters“. The wailing was sort of like when 1934 was the warmest year in the USA until James Hansen came along and “adjusted” 1998 to be warmer.

I and many others said it connecting AGW to the 2011 outbreak was rubbish- there’s no connection in the data, and that it was what you expect to get when you have La Niña conditions like we did in the spring 0f 2011. WeatherBell’s Joe D’Aleo even predicted the likelihood of severe weather ahead of time…

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