Interesting. I’m not taking the time to try to look up the statistics, but it would be interesting to know if these kinds of projects are actually catching on. There are lots of informative comments on the post. I doubt anyone will be happy with a producer gas system conversion unless they have freely available cellulose fuel (and a penchant to tinker). Like windmills, there are many good reasons these systems have never been first choice for motive power.

Watts Up With That?

Guest post by WUWT moderator Andi Cockroft

This has little to do with my beliefs (or otherwise) in CAGW, but more to the fact that I am tight with money and this project offers the ability to run my 5 litre SUV for free ! Please note however, this is only suitable for Petrol/Gasoline Engines – most definitely NOT for diesels

Now I should also state that I live on a block of “Native Bush” (read indigenous trees) in New Zealand, so I have a carbon sink of my very own. I also have access to an almost unlimited supply of pine from plantation operations where logging operations leave huge amounts of uneconomic timber behind – myself and several hundred souls benefit from this bountiful resource to heat our homes in winter.

Now I want to run my SUV on it as well.

So what is “Producer Gas”? Well our…

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