“in the presence of the ancients”

via Aliens Live! Proof At Last!.

These are cool. We took the kids (and my mom) on a 6,000 mile trek west through Grand Canyon, and on up through areas the girls had been to when little (before the boys), and managed to stop at some petroglyph sites. (Ultimately to the Olympic Peninsula and the rain forests (and Forks, at the height of Twilight popularity), back through Dry Falls and Mt. Rushmore–during the bike rally.) This art makes me think. Was it just graffiti with little point, or was it their literature, even their master works? Perhaps it was utilitarian (maps, diagrams) or just doodling. There is no doubt they were creative! There seems to be no rules, only expression.

The linked web page has some excellent images and lots of good information if you are ever able to make use of it and see for yourself. Still, while it is wondrous and exciting to view and speculate, I think I will never consider ancient art of this sort as any evidence of anything remarkable, especially not aliens. 😉