While the key must be improvements in sanitation, the obvious “good” in this article is vaccines. Please support vaccination programs in all ways. Avail yourself and your children to vaccines, and support efforts to vaccinate all over the world.

Watts Up With That?

Guest post by Indur M. Goklany

Buried in a story on the effects of climatic variables on rotavirus, which apparently kills half a million children annually, is the following quote:

The incidence of rotavirus throughout Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka was higher during the coldest, driest months of the year — from December to March–the study indicated. Increases in temperature and precipitation in other parts of the year resulted in lower levels of the virus. Patterns were consistent across the geographical regions, though the fluctuations varied in intensity.

According to the CDC:

Rotavirus is the most common cause of severe diarrhea among children. Prior the introduction of rotavirus vaccines in the United Sates in 2006, rotavirus resulted in the hospitalization of approximately 55,000 U.S. children each year. Globally, rotavirus is estimated to cause 527,000 deaths in children annually. The incubation period for rotavirus disease is…

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