I’ve decided to post the link:


because of the extreme nature of the subject matter of ThePointman’s subject. Still, he is very insightful, and knowing exactly what he means, and why it matters to all forms of hate and demeaning activity makes it worth reading and sharing. All of it. He makes many sound points worth considering and incorporating. He is using an older word in place of a newer one for affect, but you realize that. I’m just pointing it out for the sake of formality.

He makes the point that it really boils down to fear. We must NEVER walk in fear. He talks about fighting some things, but never people, but I’ll point out that we must stand for what is right. We must stand for truth. We must stand for what we believe. The things against right, truth, and effective belief will always show themselves, and standing FOR the good, naturally combats the bad.

Stand for truth. Stand for what is right. Do good to all, especially those who oppose you.