Talking About the Weather

(With apologies to Allen Ginsberg. To buy my updated book, click here.)

I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by climate, starving hysterical modeled,

dragging themselves through the university streets at dawn looking for a bit of funding,

noble-caused monsters yearning for the ancient connection to the Galileo-thrashing Church of Righteousness,

who junkets and grants glistening-eyed and Lefty sat up searching in the preternatural dawn of humming machines for a way to close the temple once and for all,

who saw undergraduates stare toward them in ugly worship and imagined a lifetime of same just a little uglier and more fervent still,

who passed through the ramparts of reason but sparingly and never shed the dark cloak once while there,

who were seldom expelled from the academies for crazy & publishing the fruit of obscene codes but not the codes,

who cowered in holy terror of what…

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