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Change is the burden of the world, the risk of existence, and the ugliest fabric used in the tapestry of life.

Joe Blackwood

Long article, but well worth your time. The movie is absolutely worth your time, all of it. Puts a lot in perspective. The move is a news reel made in the 30s right after the 1938 New England hurricane. It talks about the WPA in rather glowing terms, as might be expected of a prewar news piece in depression era USA. Though perhaps propaganda, there is an honesty and respect in the commentator’s voice. Again, the movie is something you owe to yourself to watch.

Watts Up With That?

With Joe Bastardi stating an opening for an east coast hurricane is possible the next three weeks, it might be timely to submit this semi-humorous look at the dangers of an east coast hurricane versus the dangers of heeding Bill McKibben’s Alarmism, from the view of a writer criticizing a writer, rather than a scientist criticizing a scientist.

Guest post by Caleb Shaw

I would like to venture two predictions which I believe have a, (as they say,) “high degree of probability” of proving true.

The first is that a terrible hurricane, as bad as the ferocious 1938 “Long Island Express,” will roar north and bisect New England. True, it might not happen for over a hundred years, but it also might happen this September. The fact is, 1938 showed us what could happen. 1938 set the precedent.

My second prediction is that if such a storm happens this September…

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Noteworthy. Weather is fickle. My only real concern is the similarities to the 1930s. Given CO2 had nothing to do with that, I think it unwise to assume it does today. Given the suffering of the 30s, I think it wise to prepare. Build more reservoirs, and pray they fill.

Watts Up With That?

Since we were treated to scads of news articles by the MSM on how many record highs happened in July, it seems only fair that we report on the multitude of record lows that occurred this weekend in the USA, and I doubt we’ll see the sort of coverage the highs got. A number of these record lows go back into the past 100 years or more.

Here’s a map for the weekend:

Here are the 4 record highs:

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Some Facts About Radiation

God’s good green earth was created out of the radioactive waste products of the great nuclear reactions that spawned the galaxies and the planets. Life arose out of, and adapted to, a much higher level of natural radiation than exists today. Nuclear radiation (ionizing radiation: alpha, beta and gamma radiation) is essential to Life; without it, organisms wither and die. […]

Fukushima Nuclear Power Plants. […]Even with all the radioactivity released, not a single lasting radiation injury occurred. Not one! This includes the dedicated operators who worked in the dark to get the plants shut down and secured in a safe condition. These operators were characterized as a “suicide squad” and are under a cancer scrutiny that might actually worry them into a medical problem. But the fact is, that the radiation doses they received are well within the beneficial range.[…]

For over 100 years, the science has been clear and unambiguous: Low-dose radiation in the range of interest is beneficial, not harmful, and repeated attempts by regulators to hide or deny this fact are indefensible scientifically. The relevant scientific organizations have made this position part of their public policy. The extensive report published in connection with the 2012 ANS President’s Special Plenary summarizes the scientific knowledge on low-dose radiation effects. Regulators owe deference to this fact. Distortion of the science for political purposes is not only harmful to the advancement of nuclear technology; it is harmful to the public health and should no longer be tolerated.[…]


So, isn’t it clear that politics supersedes science in general? Why do so many wonder about global warming? Of course it is political. The scare of it is politically expedient. We have decades of experience with nuclear that prove it a good option, yet it is still demonized. Decades from now when the earth is still green, and still cool, and still filled with hurricanes, tornadoes, and droughts, fossil fuels will still be demonized. Hopefully it won’t be colder, because cold kills. Warmer is better.

The truth is cruel, but it can be loved, and it makes free those who have loved it.

George Santayana, Little Essays (1920) “Ideal Immortality”

Reblogging on my site can make no statistical difference, but I can, and I will. I am sorry for this loss. My condolences to all, especially the Phelan family. Thank you Ms. Phelan for letting us know, and thanks to Anthony for posting.

When I lost my father, a short Charlie Peackock song comforted me. It still brings a tear to my eye when I hear it.


It just happened again, I wanted to call you up

I wanted your opinion about something

It’s funny how I valued it so little before

And now that I can’t have it, I value it more

Why didn’t God let me know? I could have had pleaded your case

With Christmas around the corner

He’d have seen it was bad timing and in poor taste

But He didn’t ask me and I didn’t know

It was your time to go

Couldn’t cuss, couldn’t cry, couldn’t crawl

Threw my hands up in the face of it all

So this is what it’s like to be the child

Of a man who’s dead and gone

Well, the next time I see him it will be in a different light

When we look at each other all we’ll see is what’s right

And if I am indeed my father’s crown, I will lay my body down

At the feet of my Savior and I will sing forever

With the perfection my father so desired

Every note in tune, every rhythm flawless

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah!

[Charlie Peacock]


Watts Up With That?

UPDATE: Details on the wake, funeral, and memorial fund are below. Given the circumstances that I’ve just now learned about, I ask WUWT denizens to help the Phelan family with funeral costs in lieu of flowers. See the update below – Anthony

I received this communications a short while ago. It is with the greatest sadness that I must announce this.

Diane Phelan
Message: Dear Anthony and the WUWT moderators:

I am the daughter of Robert Phelan and I unfortunately have some bad news to pass on.  My father passed away suddenly last night from what we believe to be a heart attack.  I know you had a party planned on the 18th.  I would hate to say it’s cancelled because knowing my father, he would want the celebration to continue, but I’m hoping we could have a conversation first.

I’m so sorry to have to bring this news…

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