Not that my reblogging will add, but this is worthwhile. Warning–the true-believers in human-caused climate catastrophism extol violence and wax offensive with obscene words quoted herein. You can handle it; you might even want to pray for them, as Jesus told us to pray for our enemies and those who despitefully use us. The global-warming meme has gone off the rails. Gore seems to be lying low, the politicians all around seem to have given up on it, except of course “The Dear Leader” and his calls for FORWARD into subservience to the almighty STATE (aka Federal Bureaucracy). Still, the last of the advocates have more than money at stake. They will have to admit they were wrong if they let up. One should always remember that it is better to be corrected than to remain wrong.

Watts Up With That?

I posted this on the Daily Lew Issue 5 as an update, but I decided it was so telling of the state of mind for the SkS crowd that it needed its own separate post. This also happens to be post 7000 on WUWT.

I had pretty much ignored the SkS forum dump when it was happening, thinking that perhaps they were being treated unfairly, but since John Cook has gone a bridge too far now with this Lewandowsky “moon landing survey” mess and his association with it, I no longer feel the need to hold back on what is going on behind the scenes over there.

Here is Glenn Tamblyn (Skeptical Science author/moderator) secretly conversing with his SkS pals on their off limits forum and saying “we need a conspiracy to save humanity”. The Viet Cong comparison is a nice touch too. There’s talk of convening a “war…

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