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Watts Up With That?

Guest Post by Ira Glickstein.

What’s the difference between a whimsical fable and an environmental fallacy?

  • On the outside, fables are light-hearted fibs. But oh so true on the inside.
  • Environmental fallacies are just the opposite, serious and plausible on the outside but hiding egregious falsehoods on the inside.

Environmentalists have promoted the theory that human civilization is the main cause of global warming. They argue that Governments worldwide must take immediate drastic action to prevent a catastrophe. The chain of proof in their human-caused climate catastrophe theory is broken in at least six places:

Fossil fuels cause some air pollution, but the most dangerous air pollution comes from the fallacies uttered by environmentalists :^). If the voting public is misled by this kind of “environmentalist air pollution” our free economy will be destroyed, and with it, the most successful experiment so far of free peoples governing…

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