Please follow the link to Anthony’s site to read the article, but I want to emphasize this tragic fact: “Much of the information on the 16,359 violent events in East Africa from 1990 to 2009 came from the Armed Conflict Location and Event Dataset, or ACLED, directed by Clionadh Raleigh of Trinity College in Dublin.” That is nearly two-and-one-half new (or restarted) conflicts per day in the East African countries! That is why peace-makers like Gary and Shirley Bohanon working in Rwanda are so important.

Watts Up With That?

From the University of Colorado at Boulder, another overhyped climate meme has been put to rest by a new study that made some obvious findings about temperature and rainfall as it relates to human behavior, but more importantly in human events “…political and geographic factors play a much more substantial role than climate change.” Climate science figured out what any city beat cop knows. In street terms, the “crips and the bloods” don’t read the thermometer when they are packing heat, but when it is raining they tend to stay off the streets.

Climate variability and conflict risk in East Africa measured by Boulder team

While a new study led by the University of Colorado Boulder shows the risk of human conflict in East Africa increases somewhat with hotter temperatures and drops a bit with higher precipitation, it concludes that socioeconomic, political and geographic factors play a…

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