Jonathan Murray, writing for American Thinker, discusses abortion consistent with my own thinking.

He makes some points about the facts, and he points out the need to deal with the issues as a society. It should at least make you think.

For myself, I think we need to start with the facts. The only objective definition of a human we have is biological. DNA defines us from the moment of conception. By any definition from science, we are alive from conception. Once the two sets of parental DNA halves are combined, the fertilized egg will grow, develop, live, and die as a human being.

I really don’t like the notion of viability. It is not part of the argument. An argument based on some definition or other of viability can make meat of us all.

The key is due process and thoroughly thought through and reasonable definitions in the law.

We call the taking of nonhuman life killing. We do it all the time. Washing, eating, walking are all activities that kill living things. These things are not human, so we assign no moral value to them. Well, we assign some moral value to some killings, depending on various assessments of value. As Randy Stonehill once pointed out, “It’s okay to murder babies, but we really ought to save the whales.” ( Still, the point is, nearly all of us agree there are moral problems and consequences associated with taking human life that just do not apply to the taking of (or inadvertently ending) other forms of life.

This is where we must have the discussion and debate. This is where we must stand up and legislate thoroughly and reasonably and with some honest give and take.

Even the famed Randall Terry (at least used to) agree that abortion should be legal in cases where the mother’s life is threatened by the pregnancy, and as I recall he, and nearly everyone else, allowed for most instances where the mother was impregnated against her will through rape (or incest).

My main point is that we do ourselves a grave injustice as a society to stand so polarized over something that is no more complex than most any other issue we deal with in our laws and courts. We need to have the discussion. We need to set some boundaries, probably with at least one constitutional amendment, and we need to apply the rules of law and due process, fairly and evenly to all. This is America. This is what we do. Our society suffers for not addressing this issue rationally.

How hard would that be?

Not hard, and we would all live and sleep better. (Phil Keaggy)

For me, I can live with abortion being legal and available. I mostly cannot cotton lying to ourselves about what a human is, and the fact that I was just as human the moment after I was conceived as I am now. We need to sit and reason together, rather than shout and insult. We need to take notice in the quite time, and remember that each of us must face that quite time. There are not absolute answers here, but the facts are clear and absolute. We need to start there. We can be reasonable after that.