Pointman makes the point. Fundamentalist zealots have the reins of climate science, and the honest practitioners are fighting back. Too bad it doesn’t work this way with religious fundamentalists. I gave up on fundamentalism. There were too many dishonest zealots whose agenda overrode the simple goal of living honestly and humbly before God. Devotion to truth was secondary to fighting for ones dogma.


Over the last few years, we’ve had a number of substantial leaks of sensitive material from deep within the very heart of climate science. In each case, it’s been fairly obvious that the person doing it works in the field and is relatively senior, if only because they have access to such quantities of high-grade material and know the impact its leaking will have.

Given that the heated debate over global warming is so highly polarised, what we have is certain senior people on one side actively supplying ammunition to the other. Why would they go out of their way to damage their own area of science, that they themselves must have invested years of their life in? How on Earth could such an extraordinary situation have come about?

One can only guess at the specific motivation of the individuals concerned, but I think due to the almost fundamentalist nature of mainstream…

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