I saw this article at American Thinker. I expect Mr. Duke has it at his regular venue as well. Still:


Good stuff.

I have three daughters that I love with all my heart. With each, I couldn’t suppose greater joy. However, there was a little difference when my first son was born. (We have the three girls, then two boys.) It was a surprise, but I really felt like I was walking on air when the first boy was born. There is something different. In a way, I do love the girls more, but the boys are different. It isn’t stereotype. It is real. It is what we are. There was also a difference they each showed, and still show, as they grow and mature. 

One little anecdote: The three girls were established, joyous, and strong for their ages, and it came up that they were praying for a little brother. We encouraged them. Soon, we let them know their prayers were answered. The youngest changed her mind. She wanted a baby sister. Well, we discussed that with her for a few days, and pointed out that if she had a baby brother or two, she would always be the baby girl. She soon decided she liked that, and she is still our baby girl, and she still likes being reminded of it.

So, the boy: Just as he was getting good at crawling, he happened to find his way into his sisters shared room, a room obviously full of girl toys and girlish things. Well, we were readying for something or other, and I walked in to retrieve the runaway, with his sisters going about the business of readying themselves, and what do I find but the boy sitting in the middle of the room holding a car and chewing on a gold crown. Hmm… It made me smile, and feel a bit proud. Again, that is just the way we are. With almost nothing but stereotypical girl toys in the room, the infant boy finds the car and the gold to hold.