Dr. Deming’s articles are posted at Lew Rockwell’s blog, which describes itself, “The daily news and opinion site LewRockwell.com was founded in 1999 by anarcho-capitalists Lew Rockwell and Burt Blumert to help carry on the anti-war, anti-state, pro-market work of Murray N. Rothbard.” (Rockwell provides a link and LOTS of content on that page. Rothbard looks worthwhile to me, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murray_Rothbard, but I haven’t really looked into him.)

Rockwell looks okay, http://en.wikipedia.org/?title=Lew_Rockwell, but I’m reserving my opinion until such time as I can study a bit.

I like Dr. Deming. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Deming Being he is at OU gives me a bias. I like Oklahoma. Those of us who lived and grew in the Midwest and South-Central Plains, have an inherited sense about the land and what real extremes are in weather and the like. (http://thislandpress.com/11/14/2012/south-by-midwest-or-where-is-oklahoma/?read=complete )

There is no doubt Deming is brave and willing to speak his mind. I like that.

So, my two bits: We humans, even us Americans, will continue to burn everything that will burn until it is all oxidized. Given the human track-record, it seems we will come up with alternatives before the things to burn get too expensive. It won’t be windmills, and it won’t be solar, it will be fission in at least a couple of its forms, and we will move to fusion eventually, but later rather than sooner. We just don’t have the engineering-wherewithal to deal with the structural effects of fusion neutrons and energy intensity. We will, but the capability is too far in the future to predict with less than a plus-or-minus of one century. It could easily take three or four centuries to make fusion practical for human needs, but fission is practical right now, and we have several decades of fossil fuel to burn while we convert to fission, and how many centuries can we support ourselves on fission? Many, and probably more than that.

Watts Up With That?

There is an anti-human TV program on the History Channel called Life After People, which portrays the aftermath of the imaginary scenario where all people on Earth suddenly vanished in a rapture-like event tomorrow.


I’ve often seen it flipping channels, and it has always been my impression that it represents the ultimate utopian vision of radical environmentalists, who see people as a scourge on the planet, sort of a Fear and self loathing in Las Vegas applied to Gaia.

I get word from Dr. David Deming, Geologist at the University of Oklahoma, of an essay he has composed asking about what would happen to people if fossil fuel based energy disappeared tomorrow. Deming asks this simple question: What would happen if we gave the environmentalists what they want?

It is an eye opener for those that really don’t think much about where the energy they use daily comes…

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