Ms. Donna LaFramboise is one of the unsung heroes in the climate debate. She is an investigative journalist doing the hard work exposing the underbelly of the environmental extremist organizations. I applaud her and thank her.

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This blog came into existence because the greens have done their job too well. Their message saturates everyday life to the point where people like me feel compelled to push back.


WordPress, the company that provides the software and servers on which this blog depends, tells me that yesterday’s blog post was my 500th.

Since April 2009, therefore, I’ve done a significant amount of writing. By way of perspective, here in Canada, those with a full-time, generously paid columnist gig at a daily newspaper, are expected to produce three pieces a week – 12 per month, or roughly 150 a year.

In January, I published 20 blog posts. Most of them were longer than the typical 800-word newspaper column.

In other words, by industry standards, I’ve been working hard recently. I’ve not ever produced content at this rate before. Amusingly, all of this writing is about a topic that, during…

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