Today, 17 February, is Willis’ birthday. I am choosing to write a bit about him. Today is also Gary Bohanan’s birthday. (They don’t know each other to my knowledge.) Gary was born the year before Willis. These two men have many years and are wise in my experience, and both have one characteristic that I admire. Both are as open and honest in their person as anyone I’ve ever known anything about, and both are totally committed to honesty and truth. To me, that is as high praise as I can raise, and I thank them both for enriching my life.
After the summer of 2012, Willis posted very sparsely at WattsUpWithThat until after the first of this year. I noticed. I suspect I was not alone. I missed his insights regarding facts and life.
Now that Willis has found time to write the stories so many of us here at WUWT encouraged him to write, I notice a few naysayers. What’s up with that? I for one thank Willis for his writing and his insights. Time is not free, nor unlimited, and I appreciate the effort expended and given to us.
Another attribute Gary B. has with Willis is intelligence and insight. There is too little of it in the world today; I think it worth acclaim when it shows up. The time to read something Willis wrote is always worthwhile and invariably enriching. Didn’t Galileo say (approximately), “I have never met a man so ignorant that I couldn’t learn something from him”? I apply that to what I read, and with Willis, even if what he wrote has nothing to do with what I thought when I started, I still find a wealth of useful information and insight that I can apply, hopeful to be a better person, and hopefully to pass forward in helping someone else.
With regard to running a blog, I am trying, as can be seen by the fact I reblogged this post to mine. I have only one objective in my blog, and that is to record whatever I think worth recording, for whatever reason. I would post a lot more if I reprioritized my time, but with my crew, well, I’ll keep the family as top priority as well as I am able.
Anthony has a different objective, but not by a lot. Mostly, Anthony’s posting decisions have proven to be worthwhile for millions of online viewers. That is an accomplishment! Anthony has consistently made decisions that millions of readers have approved of, and proven by the page views.
Anthony has chosen to include Willis as an author, moderator, and driver of WUWT, and it seems obvious to me that this was another of Anthony’s wise decisions with regard to WUWT. I am glad of it, and I thank him and Willis for it. I also note that Willis has never chosen to try to set up his own blog (that I have discovered). I see that also as a wise decision, but mostly, it is Willis’ decision. He can, and should, do as he pleases. I applaud his decisions as I have seen them. While I hold Willis with exceptional esteem, I view the other contributors here at WUWT as worthy of my time, and I thank Anthony for hosting them—all of them. The only complaint I ever have pass through my mind related to WUWT is the fact that I seldom have the time to take it all in! I am glad of the cornucopia of styles, subjects, perspectives, and information at WUWT, and I make it a point to visit as often as practical.
For this particular post of Willis’, well, it is another example of Willis’ razor-sharp insight, showing readily how easy it is for people to lie, and how easy it is falsify a lie, at least if you put forth the effort and do a little research. Thanks for the data point, Willis, and happy birthday.

Watts Up With That?

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

I do love tracing down how numbers kind of ricochet around the web. This investigation started when I ran across a book review in the South China Morning Post of a book called “Overheated: The Human Cost of Climate Change“, by Andrew T Guzman.

andrew t guzmanFigure 1. Andrew T. Guzman, law professor and environmental activist.

I’ll pass on linking to the book, TWDR, too wrong, don’t read. The book review quotes the obviously overheated author as saying:

Guzman anchors his doom-laden case in statistics. The 10 warmest years since 1880 have all happened since 1998, he says, and cites an estimate that the annual global death toll already sparked by climate change is 300,000.

When I see an unsupported figure like an annual death toll of 300,000 from “climate change”, my urban legend detector starts like ringing like mad. Where have they been hiding…

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