I went through the list and categories.I voted for several, and had to research a few to make an informed vote, and skipped a few categories. I don’t suppose anyone has time to keep up with ALL the latest and greatest blogs. So, review, and vote. Of course, WUWT deserves your consideration. Xkcd is always worth a look.

Watts Up With That?

WUWT nominated in two categories. The competition this year is more skeptical than ever!


This year, the choices are tougher, since there are so many favorites. Last year I thought it was tough because they threw big names in websites into the category (like Mashable, Gizmodo, Engadget, and Tech Crunch) while at the same time combined the separate Science and Technology categories into one new single category.

This year the category strategy seems to be “divide and conquer”.

You may recall that last year there was a clean sweep of the awards by truly skeptical blogs, and the big names were shut out. WUWT also won the Lifetime Achievement Award.

I know this is a tough choice, but if WUWT wins the science category this year, it will make three, and we won’t be eligible to win the award ever again. Success has its drawbacks I suppose. Of course WUWT…

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