Anthony posts giving evidence that the ocean isn’t warming, just like the rest of the earth. Well, duh. Then here Willis runs the conversion of the heat content anomaly to temperature deviation. Different units, but the same thing. I know Mosh asserts that the “anomaly” measurement isn’t subject to the usual limits on temperature measurement, but I’ll point out that a typical digital thermometer has specs along the line of ± (0.1% reading +1°C). Accordingly, the heat analysis as presented claims that the oceans warmed over the last 20 years 0.1°C ± 1.25°C. Is that a reasonable assertion? Is it even rational?

Watts Up With That?

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

Anthony has an interesting post up discussing the latest findings regarding the heat content of the upper ocean. Here’s one of the figures from that post.

pmel 0-700m heat content anomalyFigure 1. Upper ocean heat content anomaly (OHCA), 0-700 metres, in zeta-joules (10^21 joules). Errors are not specified but are presumably one sigma. SOURCE 

He notes that there has been no significant change in the OHCA in the last decade. It’s a significant piece of information. I still have a problem with the graph, however, which is that the units are meaningless to me. What does a change of 10 zeta-joules mean? So following my usual practice, I converted the graph to a more familiar units, degrees C. Let me explain how I went about that.

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