Here is a worthy endeavour. I hope all will read and consider. We generally accomplish great things when we all pull together.

Watts Up With That?

Guest post by Dennis Ray Wingo


The foundation of all observational science is data. This is true whether the data is temperature measurements from ground networks, satellites, or any other thing in nature that can be observed, quantified, and recorded. After data is recorded it must be archived so that future researchers who seek to extend or question conclusions drawn from that data can go back to the original source to replicate results. This is a fundamental premise of the scientific method, without it we can make no reliable statements about nature and call it science. This is true whether or not the subject is climate change, planetary motion, or any other scientific discipline. This missive is about the supremely important subject of data archival and how you the reader can support our lunar data archival project. First a historical digression.

The Importance of the Recording and Archival of…

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