Stickophrenia, yep.

Watts Up With That?

Joe Romm is sooo entertaining these days. Yesterday, when I pointed out to him McIntyre’s takedown of Marcott et al, he came to the immediate conclusion that I was an “instrumental record denier”, apparently sent that assertion to Mike Mann, who then a few minutes later made it a “News Alert” on his Twitter feed, only to be forced to retract it later.

Today, denying the existence of the issues that essentially falsify the Marcott et al paper, while at the same time making sure his readers have absolutely no link to the contrary findings, or even to name “he who must not be named” lest readers might be tempted to Google it, Romm has a new post up, pushing yet again his hilarious projection of the future:


Like a dog playing fetch, he only sees the stick, runs after it, and completely misses the fact that…

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