Anybody remember how much Boone Pickens was pushing for natural gas and windmills? The Pickens Plan, he called it. What happened? Well, there were a few important factors, but one of the biggest was lack of Federal subsidies. He sold most of his interests and projects. Some have troubles. I figure if Pickens realized it was a turkey after all his hype, then even some one in it for more than the money can see the light. Also, permits to kill eagles? It just don’t make sense.

Like I said, if it was something that we could actually attribute human lives saved to, well, then I’ll take a child over an eagle any day, but that just ain’t the case. Windmills are killing people in accidents already. Windmills probably contributed to winter deaths last winter when they failed at peak-needs times. Windmills will kill us in dark operating rooms, in sweltering shelters, and in freezing unheated, powerless houses, because we didn’t have the fortitude to build real power plants instead of littering the countryside with tinker toys.