I’ll admit I’m not convinced windmills are a significant health threat to humans, but if people are going to doctors, there is a problem. It needs to be addressed, not ridiculed. Sound vibrations in air and earth are real, not imagined. Maybe these vibrations don’t matter. Maybe these vibrations matter to only a small percentage of people. The same goes for the shadows caused by the rotating blades. Of course, such cannot possibly affect people that are not in the visual proximity of such strobe phenomenon, but I like redundancy, so I will say again, if people think it adversely affects them, they should be taken seriously. Regardless, industrial windmills are not worthwhile. Windmills for main-grid feed-in are a fantasy that will be abandoned.


From Chris Jelbart

Simon Chapman (Think healthy on wind farms, Monday March 18th) is not a medical doctor, but a sociologist who has specialised in fighting tobacco. This is his area of expertise.

He speaks out against people who feel genuinely ill and suffer genuine symptoms, and denigrates those who try to help through considered, serious and independent research.

Chapman quotes University of Auckland research as providing powerful evidence of the “nocebo” effect. He informs you that this research was of exposure to recorded infrasound, and to sham infrasound. He fails to inform you that this study was of 54 students exposed to 10 minutes of each. He fails to say how the researchers came up with the frequency of wind turbines in their recorded infrasound. Infrasound can vary depending the speed of the blades.

There may well be more noise complaints since 2009, but this can be attributed to…

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