Hybrid cars, electric cars with gasoline engines for charging or propulsion, will fail. I’ll give it to 2020 for no new manufacture. They are too complicated. Too little gain for the expense. Bad idea driven by fantastic promises and self-delusion.

Large windmills and wind farms will be abandoned. While I cannot forecast a timescale because too many fickle human emotions are involved, I’ll say soon. The concrete, steel, and composites involved are too much to recover environmentally. Consider we use environmentally hazardous lubricants too. We pretend the economics are there with a complicated array of subsidies and tax incentives that make Warren Buffet richer but hide the fact that these things are not economically competitive with all other electrical generation options. At least we pay for part of it with voluntary stupidity, akin to buying lottery tickets, or perhaps indulgences. The extreme scale of land area required is totally unjustifiable. The bird and bat kill rate is still poorly quantified, but anyone who doubts the senseless slaughter is self-deluded. I suppose one could argue we are feeding the coyotes and maggots  Here is the worst part: There is no appreciable gain to the power grid! We have to back the silly things up with base load. Decreased efficiency is the result. That is always bad. Trying to feed the grid with highly variable wind powered electrical generation is ridiculous. It increases complexity with a highly complex rotating machine that we stick up in the sky where we cannot properly maintain it. No good will come from it, and our grandchildren will shake their heads at our stupidity while they clean up the mess we made for them. While we have hidden the problems with rather amazing technological advances in windmills over the last 30 years, the technology is really no more mature than it has been for millenia. It has always been abandoned when better options became available. Since better options are available, it will be abandoned again.

Electric automobiles are inevitable, but not until we have solved the battery problem. Pushing them now is as dumb as windmills. We need batteries (with, perhaps, capacitors) 100 times better, or we need them to be quick-charge, under five minutes for three hours worth of driving. Or, we need an infrastructure laid in to pull the power from while we drive. Eventually, but not soon.

Hydrogen is silly. There is none. Hydrogen is made from methane or by other energy intensive means. Hydrogen is analogous to a battery. Better batteries will eliminate talk of ever using hydrogen for anything, especially cars.

Eventually, nuclear fission will be responsible for nearly all human produced power. We harm ourselves and our posterity by delaying it. It will eventually be superseded by fusion, but that is still 100 years away, I suspect. (It is “20 years away” as it has been for about 70 years now.) We need a genius breakthrough for fusion. Who knows how long one of those takes? It is the materials, not the physics. Fusion works. Fusion plants are intractable engineering nightmares now and for the foreseeable future.