I’m not sure any of my Christian fundamentalist friends would consider me fundamentalist now-days, and I cannot even consider myself evangelical any more, even though I do still desire and pray for all to know the peace of Christ. With these actions of Ms. Hayhoe, I must point out that we know a tree by its fruit. As a follower of Jesus, my prime directive is to love my neighbor as myself. I don’t think I can ban someone because I don’t like them. That is not love. That is not self-sacrificing, nor long suffering. (Restricting comments of disruptive commenters is simply needful housekeeping.) We cannot discuss if we block each other. We cannot learn if we refuse to consider each other’s positions. And, facts are facts. Nature will have (and is having) the last word. Besides, cold kills. Warmer is better.

Watts Up With That?

Some climate scientists we know sure are notoriously thin skinned, as an illustration of this, today I got blocked by Dr. Katherine Hayhoe on Twitter after making my one and only Twitter comment to her. See below.

Here’s the comment she made yesterday and my reply:

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