Consider Michelangelo working on the masterpiece David. Consider while he chiseled near completion with grit and chips all about and dust choking the air. I can just imagine him looking at his work in satisfaction and saying out loud, “I have created you from the dust of the earth.” Do you suppose he might have wondered whether God might actually breath life into this stone and make it become living flesh?

I know people who seem to think this is essentially how God did make Adam. Sure they see it as much more grand and intricate but no less mechanical and tedious.

Do ya think?

I don’t. My god is too small, but not that small. The God is bigger than my understandings and imagings. The Creator of all is worth far more than such simplistic notions.

God created man from the dust, from the mud. Do we do that creation justice to dogmatically say more? Isn’t it awesome to view the universe and see the patterns and progressions and recognize that God did marvelously and gave us minds to recognize the usefulness of it all in biology and medicine? I am fearfully and wonderfully made, and no time frame great or small can diminish that. 13.8 billion years is the same as 6,000 is the same as the few hours since I awoke this morning.

Time does not matter to the awe and beauty of it all.

It is presently unreasonable to suppose the universe other than 13.8 billion years old. Our limitations of time and mind wonder what was going on before that. See the problem? Before time? Before is only meaningful in time. What could be before anything existed. Well, time is one of those things. It is a logic trick that is meaningless.

In beginning, God created!

If you refuse that, the rest is meaningless. If you see it, regarding the additional details only hinders the awe and worship the realization invokes.

The Creator gave us minds and tools (science). Dare we refuse to use them? Dare we hide our talent in the earth, especially considering the greatest commandment to love the LORD our God with all our mind?

For me, I will commit to facts and truth and reality as well as I can know. I set my will to His will and I trust his promise in John 7:17.

He alone is worthy.