Here is an interesting article I encourage all to read.

I especially invite you to read it if you realize you know little or nothing of what the god particle (the slang term for the Higgs boson) is, even more so if you think big electric rings dug in mountains are just a waste of time and money.

Hadrons are simply the subatomic particles made of more than one quark, generally just protons in this instance, since they are easy to drive electrically. I suppose they said hadron rather than proton to be more general. 

Higgs first predicted (mathematically) the boson in the year of my birth. Cool. One can Google it and learn more, but the article at the link above does a great job in readily understood language with an artistic flair.

The Higgs and the LHC matter, and it is good that so much went into it, especially so much cooperation. It still seems unlikely that large cooperative projects will ever be common, though. I suppose that is sad, but only a little. It is good for each to be about his own business. Things work quite well that way. Freedom works. Coercion never works well. It is bad all on its own. So, when goals arise that unify many people, let us celebrate, but keep in mind that we all are free.

I also like the general tone of the article regarding mind. Jesus of Nazareth held loving the Lord our God with all our mind to be our highest aspiration.  I truly hope we mere mortals can always aspire to truth and clarity of mind, and always shun coercion and the herd mentality.