Update, 21 May 2013, as of this afternoon, the power is fully restored, and our water is back to normal. Pressure coming up to normal. No big deal for a lot of us, but it was problematic at businesses and the schools in SE OKC that didn’t close today.

Also, much thanks to OKC personnel and OG&E personnel who got things put back to right!

The City of Oklahoma City is reporting the power to the Lake Draper city water supply (for southeast Oklahoma City) is out. The tornado got too many lines and towers. OG&E is restoring. In the mean time, it is running on emergency generators. Everything is working. Our water is safe. But pumps are running on backup. Water pressure is very low. Minimize use. Mostly, ensure sprinklers are off. Turn off the timers and supply to the yard sprinklers.

Again the water is safe, but some residents don’t have enough pressure for any use. So, make sure you use as little as possible.

“There has been misinformation regarding the City’s drinking water supply. It IS safe to drink. The Draper Water Treatment Plant did lose power and we did ask residents in SE OKC limit water usage. The water supply was never compromised and the water has always been safe to drink.” The City of Oklahoma City.

Check the facebook page link above for updates.