Anthony has a brief summary of the latest efforts to push fantasy and misinformation. He points out the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Watts Up With That?

WH_Climate_action_planThis post was written last night, shortly after I received the document. It is autopublishing at 6AM EDT (3AM PDT) since I’ll hopefully be asleep here in California when the embargo time passes.

There were two documents provided to the press: a fact sheet/summary and the full plan. Both are available as PDF’s at the end of this essay. I see a lot of “pie in the sky” language in the plan document, with little in the way of concrete ideas. It seems just another expansion of “big government” bureaucracy with little tangible benefit to the American citizen.

This is by no means a complete point by point commentary, I’m just touching on things that caught my eye. Readers are encouraged to submit responses to specific points in the comments section below.


1. There is no carbon tax/excise tax increase on gasoline that I can find. Some people…

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