Eliminate the EPA and replace it with a restricted and targeted agency. Place strict guidelines and limits, and even limit funding.

Regulations are killing our country. I thank Senator Inhofe for stemming the tide of global warming alarmism, but the President and the EPA are determined to inflict the pain on us regardless. We must eliminate the EPA. Repeal the clean air act and replace it with updated and more sensible legislation. Legislation that has specific targets. It must not allow for “as low as reasonably achievable” standards. Our air and water have gotten better every year since enactment. Regulations are so bad that agricultural dust is a violation.

Carbon dioxide is an essential ingredient to life. It is not a pollutant. The other two essential ingredients to life as we know it are oxygen and water and are both far more dangerous than carbon dioxide. Oxidation in all its forms account for the majority of the damage in our world. Fire and corrosion are inexorable destroyers, always have been, always will be. Too much oxygen is even more dangerous than too much carbon dioxide. Likewise with too much water.

Pretending carbon dioxide is a pollutant demands the deceleration of all animals, not just humans, to be polluters. It is a ridiculous notion that demands derision. To do so is tantamount to the deceleration of Agent Smith in Matrix, that humanity is a virus that must be eradicated from earth, moreover, all breathing creatures as well. It is an evil, contemptible, farcical notion.

Rewrite the legislation that emplaced the EPA, and totally eliminate this tyrannical menace to our society and to our freedom.

Regulations are the greatest threat to our nation today.

Throttle regulation. Throttle it severely. Reduce and restrain the agencies that endlessly expand regulation and incessantly contravene against the simple freedoms of American citizens.