The author here makes the point I’ve been emphasizing for years now. Climate alarmism, and scientism more generally, are the latest substitutes for a heartfelt and thoroughly thought out religion based on a higher moral authority. The lazy and the intentional sinner want nothing to do with true justice. They seek a relative moral playground that morphs to the whim of the moment, especially when the is money or prestige or power to be had.

Insane proponents like Dawkins can preach ferociously against religion forever, but at most they will change the rituals. Religion is in human nature. It is indestructible even if volatile. Abandoning an unchanging deity and consistent moral ethic invariably leads to autocracy, occultism (look it up, don’t assume), and superstition. Take UFOs for instance of this last, Nazism for the first two.

Climatism, and environmentalism in its current version, is the current established and state sanctioned religion. We must enlighten our fellows and get our government out of it.

Articles: American Geophysical Union Scraps Science, Now Faith Based.