This article on Watts Up with That shows that a supposed climate scientist and her butterfly expert husband asserted that global warming was killing the butterflies. Well, it turns out not. Not only did other butterfly experts disagree with her from the outset (1996), the data never agreed with her either. Turns out the old-school butterfly experts were right, and their efforts are succeeding. Hooray for the butterflies! Apparently she statistically tortured the data into saying what she wanted, and its taken nearly two decades for reality to prove her wrong, since the politicians and anti-CO2 climate science crowd defended her so vehemently. Again, its good to see regular old conservation efforts and practical approaches to habitat are succeeding and helping the butterflies reestablishing themselves.

Watts Up With That?

Addendum by Anthony:

This graph is an eyebrow raiser.


The infrastructure at Yosemite has increased to handle increased tourism, and the weather station records this by a reversal of the Tmin and Tmax relationship.

In this case, the heat sinks are a road, a building, and stacked metal pipe and beams surrounding the station, which release stored heat from the day at night as shown in the photograph of the Yosemite NP USHCN weather station from 2003 by Surfacestations volunteer Dave Hart:


Even supposedly “pristine” areas are affected by the encroachment of heat sinks.


Guest essay by Jim Steele, Director emeritus Sierra Nevada Field Campus, San Francisco State University

The pioneers of chaos theory coined the term “butterfly effect” to suggest that a hurricane’s formation could be affected by such unpredictable influences as the flap of a distant butterfly’s wings that changed the winds’ direction weeks before. Ironically, it…

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