It seems to me that history goes in cycles. It seems to me we are on the down cycle of culture, and historically such end with the gods of copybook headings returning with terror and slaughter. After much loss, pain, destruction, death, and turmoil, people return to their moral roots, God, and rebuild. Things have tended to get both better and worse with each cycle. Perhaps the next up cycle will be far better than this last one has been. I’d wonder beyond that, but we are probably looking at decades before this downward trend bottoms out. The general forecast for population is to increase for several more decades, and level off between 9 and 10 billion. If things go as they seem to be trending, the excursion downward might drop population back below half that before it starts up again.

So, I figure we owe it to ourselves and our posterity to try.

This article at First Things (a Catholic publication) suggests we are behind the power curve, but there are things we can still do.

Article | First Things.

Consider the article, and let’s resolve to try.