At this point I’m adding nothing to the discussion at Watts Up With That, and the half-dozen page views I might get with this certainly have little effect, but this is a noteworthy point from a concerned individual. Someone who obviously thinks. Most of the comments are thoughtful too. So, clicking over to Anthony’s is worth your time to read. It is an example of how reason is supposed to work. He also notes well a couple of key drivers behind the CAGW movement.

Watts Up With That?

Note: if the name below is familiar to you it is because of this article from Monday. This will be a sticky post for a day or two, new stories will appear below this one– Anthony

Guest essay by Jonathan Abbott

Please allow me to recount the details of my personal path to CAGW scepticism. I have never previously found myself at odds with the scientific mainstream and at times it feels quite odd. Perhaps others here have similar experiences? I am curious to know how fellow-readers came to their current views. If some have gone from genuine scepticism to accepting CAGW, I would find that especially fascinating.

My own story begins at school in England in the early 80s. Between playing with Bunsen burners and iron filings, I remember being told that some scientists predicted that we would soon enter a new ice age. This sounded quite exciting…

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