We need to rid ourselves of the IRS. The Fair Tax has its problems, but it would be a good start, and we at least wouldn’t be penalizing work and investment. Taxing income is backwards. It is stupid. We must stop it.

We need to move back to the original ideals for the federal legislature. The senators must be elected or appointed by the state legislature, not popular elections. The senators should represent the state rather than the people of the state. The Congressional representatives are to represent the people of the state.

Congressional representatives need to represent a set number of constituents. I propose 100,000. A smaller number would have advantages, but I think more disadvantages. Of course, that would increase the number of representatives to around 3,200 (probably 3,500 soon); it would increase with population increases. The founders had the right idea. They also thought we would grow slower. With the rapid growth experienced, the practical aspects of dealing with so many representatives proved untenable. We dealt with it by fixing the number and expanding the number of constituents, diluting the voice of everyone. We now have the technology to deal with thousands of representatives.

We can switch back to representatives having a fixed number of constituents, and we will deal with the large number of representatives via regional congresses, tied electronically with video and voice, and we can build a large, electronically enabled, house chamber for full meetings–periodically and when necessary. It seems quite doable to me. We have all sorts of groups operating in this size range and larger. The result would be a much more attuned representative for each group of constituents. It should improve the election system too. Not nearly as much campaigning will be required because everyone will know the representative better.

Closing out this post, we need more states.

North Colorado just might happen. We need a state of Columbia formed out of the mountains of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. Who could argue that New York wouldn’t be better served by state and local government if it divided into two, or probably three, states. Likewise Florida. California is such a mess anything different would likely help, but I suggest at least three states formed out of it.

I will not suggest regarding Texas. They are different. They will do things their way regardless.

A last thought, far away in time, and much discussion and debate will be needed, and even more planning, I suggest the states of Mexico reorganize into the United States of America. It won’t be easy, but I think it will work, and I think it will improve everything political in the western hemisphere.