I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Somsel and second the sentiment. Nuclear power, yes, getting involved with environmentalism, no. Besides, nuclear power will be with us for centuries, environmentalists, not so much.

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Joseph Somsel

Go back and re-watch Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth from 2006 and you’ll find that he never once voices the word “nuclear” although there is a long visual scene of a nuclear warhead exploding and the subsequent mushroom cloud filling the screen.  Early AGW enthusiasts never seemed to acknowledge that if fossil fuels were the problem, nuclear power would be the solution that would work.

But now it seems environmentalists are being told that nuclear power is not so bad after all.  The current movie, Pandora’s Promise (http://pandoraspromise.com/), has as its major theme that nuclear power and radiation are not so scary, really.  This is of course true, reiterating arguments that pro-nuclear advocates have been making for 70 years.

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