At American Thinker, Mr. Lopez realizes the ancients were right. The dark is rising, and only the light can stop it, not politics.

From the article:

“I knew there was no excuse for depriving a child of a mom or a dad, just to embark on a new endeavor called “same-sex parenting,” which was just a fancy word for the unjustified exploitation of children for personal gain.”

“I marched in France with leaders of the kids’ rights movement, at one point a million people strong on the streets of Paris, beseeching the world to place a child’s right to a mom and dad above the clamor of gay adults to own children.”
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I’ve also run across assertions in articles, siting research, that children born of surrogacy, and sometimes from in-vitro procedures, have a tendency to emotionally feel as though they had been bought, with connotations of slavery, at least on an emotional level.

Here is an article that raises questions:

It references this one:

which points out that a couple paid $22k to a surrogate, but 21 weeks into the pregnancy, the couple offered the surrogate $10k more to abort. Wow. How sad. “Gross immorality,” Dr. Caplan called it. Close enough. Evil no matter how you look at it. (I disagree with his conclusion. He addresses the wrong problem.) He does raise plenty of questions.

Apparently we had been uniformly against surrogacy at least as long ago as 1992.

I started a Google search, and Google presented “surrogacy effects on children” as I typed. Try it. I looks like a little over a decade ago all research was say, “No problem!”, yet now, it seems these children have a different view.

I’m not sure outcomes are clear yet, but there will certainly be heavy issues to deal with, something like regular adoption, which always seems to be tough, even when it turns out great.

This seems to indicate things seem okay still, but they are worried. I suspect the key is honesty. I’m not convinced surrogacy is a good thing, but I do think it should be dealt with case by case, not by overarching legislation, and certainly not be bureaucratic regulation. In my humble opinion, the most hurtful and destructive thing a parent can do to a child is lie. Hiding simple facts due to awkwardness is inexcusable, hiding facts for selfish reasons is generally unforgivable and permanently destructive to relationships. (As an example, a parent that lies about the departure of the other biological parent, and the child finds proof of the deceit, well, do I have to point out that things don’t go well?)

Since I already seem to have reached far afield, I’ll add the other side, an article by Mr. Jack Ford, a homosexual activist.

Don’t suppose you’ll find me agreeing with Think Progress, but Mr. Ford makes valid assertions and raises questions that also need to be considered.

Back to my starting point: Good is what is required to conquer evil. Good people, individuals, must stand up for truth and what is right. We owe it to ourselves, our society, and our posterity to address these issues soberly. I don’t think we can do it without God. Mr. Lopez seems to have arrived at that conclusion too. I don’t I have a monopoly on God either. Your God is Too Small and so is mine. (

I’m a fan of J.B. Phillips. C.S. Lewis is another favorite. I’ll spare reiteration of my own faith and understanding of God, but you can see easy enough what I believe if you look about my blog a bit. Also, feel free to ask. I’ll reply.