Mr. (Dr.) Nidhal Guessoum discusses why he, a Muslim, believes it is at least as important for scientists to take religion seriously as it is for believers to take science seriously.

My emphasis is on truth. There is only one truth. None of us know that truth sufficiently, but some of us are closer than others. Religion and science openly, honestly, and humbly pursued get us closer to truth than anything I have come across.

Read his insights at the John Templeton Foundation’s Big Questions Online, here: 

He makes a distinction between faith, spirituality, and religion. I agree the distinction is necessary and useful. He also points out that a significant percentage of people who identify themselves as atheists also consider themselves spiritual or religious. Not too hard to figure, but a bit surprising.

He doesn’t mention the evangelical, fundamentalist variety of atheists like Richard Dawkins, but I suspect you know what I mean.

Dr. Guessoum states, “Modern science is not a foolproof process, but it is as close to a robust system for reaching factual and objective knowledge (independent of the subject) as we have been able to construct.” I agree. Kinda like Churchill’s assertion that western democracy was the worst form of government possible, except for all the others tried.

So, good statements. Good reasoning. Good reading. Well worth the time.

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