“Tepco is working to control a leak of radioactive water from a storage tank at Fukushima Daiichi. Water escaped from the tank and then reached the soil through a rainwater valve in the surrounding dam.”

World Nuclear News provides this low-detail summary:

Leak from Fukushima tank.

The pointer to this article on facebook pointed out that the beta emissions are most likely from tritium. One cannot filter hydrogen-3 out of H2O. Accordingly, filters don’t work for it. Tritium is relatively innocuous. http://www.physics.isu.edu/radinf/tritium.htm  (Just don’t be stupid.)

Given that the radiation was almost entirely beta, and that beta is not dangerous unless directly ingested, this really is no big deal. It is significant that the drain valve was apparently inadvertently left open. That is, the rain-puddle drain for the containment dam apparently was left open after the last release of uncontaminated rain accumulation in the retention pond. They are reporting that the leak did not reach the ditches, so would seem contained.

Overall, Fukushima is still not negatively affecting human well-being. The natural results of the natural disaster most certainly still are.

It seems to me reasonable to wonder if more harm (of a lesser, more widespread nature) has resulted from the widespread shutdown of nuclear power production than from the entire natural disaster itself.