Dr. Haynes writes at American Thinker:


The article is points out what a mess Gates and other leftist philanthropists have made of their “support” of education, and how badly it all fails.

She points out that in the last decade expenditures on testing (standardized tests, or “results” testing, if you will) have more than tripled. In a study published over a year ago (so not new information, and not surprising to anyone paying attention), Dr. Krashen estimates testing requirements will be 20 times higher under Common Core nationalization. At the time of the study, the US education system was spending $1.7 billion. 20 times that? Probably not, but 20 times more time and energy from our already stretched teachers, 20 times more time taken for testing and an untold amount of extra time teaching to the tests and teaching how to take the tests, especially given how important the test results are to the careers of the teachers!

End the madness. Common Core is bad. It will worsen an already failed system. 

Dr. Haynes points out, “Data mining is another component of Common Core that will reap huge profits for Gates. In a public-private collaborative, the foundation and others gave $100 million to inBloom for a public school database. The purpose is to collect and analyze data which will be shared with private companies that sell educational products and services. These lucky insiders get to mine the information and create new tailored products to sell.”

Does anyone wonder how easy it will be to keep track of our children with this database? How easy it will be to track them into their own parenthood, marketing education-related products to them for the entire first half of their lives? Capitalism suites the left just fine when it not only lines their pockets but furthers their ideological agenda.

Common Core is crap. It is rotten through and through. It will further destroy our failed education system. We must end compulsion. Repeal all truancy laws, and we must get the federal government entirely out of education. We need constitutional restrictions on the federal government for education the same as for religion.