I aver that regulation, not taxes and overspending, will be the downfall of our nation. It will likely even bring us to insurrection. It will eventually result in relegating us to third-world status.

In an article published at American Thinker, here, http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2013/08/regulating_our_way_to_mediocrity.html, Robert Schapiro gives an example of why I feel so strongly about this.

He decided, at the behest of friends, to set up a part-time sales booth at a farmers’ market for his homemade bread.

“It was [one] principle thing which held me back. I kept asking myself, what do I need this trouble for? I live a quiet life with minimal government attention. By baking for a farmers market, I am now attracting close scrutiny on federal, state, county, and village level as each parasitic department clambers for its unearned take.”

Mr. Schapiro states that self-reliance in our country has been crushed.

I agree. That is why regulation is the primary poison acting to paralyze and ultimately euthanize our great nation.

The EPA is truly the most dangerous thing known to all of mankind, especially those blessed to call themselves Americans.

This statement applies to all our federal, and many of our state and local, bureaucratic and regulatory entities. We must eliminate most of them. We must replace those necessary with smaller, targeted, restricted, and clearly defined entities that can keep us cleaning up after ourselves. We all know what is right, but we have sought out many devices. http://biblehub.com/ecclesiastes/7-29.htm We are all prone to not following up on the less-pleasant (and monetarily unprofitable) aspects of our activities. Accordingly, we need regulations, and regulators to monitor, but we can do it wisely. Right now, we have become our own worst enemy. We must hunt down and reign in the beast, kill it, and replace it with tame and leashed, well trained guard dogs.