I recommend this article. If you favor war, you should read it and think. If you oppose war, you should read it and reflect if your reasoning is right.

Three years ago,  LEONARD E. READ wrote an article for FEE.org. I’ve used his title for this article. In the article he sets the stage, which is “his” dying moments on a lonely battlefield in Korea. He has a conversation with his conscience, which is all he has left.

In his lead up, Mr. Reed states: “War is liberty’s greatest enemy, and the deadly foe of economic progress. If war be evil there must be a way to avoid it; there must be a rationale, a type of thinking, patterns for living, that lead to peace. These ways cannot be simple or we would invoke them. They are not easily explained or we would know them.”

Read more: http://www.fee.org/the_freeman/detail/conscience-on-the-battlefield#ixzz2eMk4rewC ”

Here are some quotes from his conscience:

“Among the cardinal sins, however, is the failure to make earnest attempts at minimizing error.”

“Most persons believe some form of government to be necessary as a means of achieving maximum liberty. But unless they succeed in properly limiting government, they will surrender some – or even all – of their personal rights and responsibilities to it. Unless they understand the nature of coercion – its power only to suppress, restrain, destroy – they will yield to it and lose their ability to act creatively. Government has the necessary and logical function of protecting the property and life of all citizens equally. But if people fail to understand the nature of coercion they will attempt to use this force of government even for creative purposes; they will vainly attempt to use a negating physical force – government – as a means of accomplishing a positive good. Unless they comprehend coercion, many of them will rob in the name of charity, plunder in the name of prosperity, and kill in the name of God.”

“However, as I said before, you should have sought my services sooner. While I, too, am finite and subject to error, I am as close to God as you can get on this earth. It was your task to join with me in order that together we might search for Truth—-the vital element in your earthly purpose of Self-realization.”

Seek truth. Be committed to truth. Truth above all.