Bruce Deitrick Price, writing at American Thinker, provides more insight into the lie that is Common Core. Common Core is NOT OK. It really is bad. It really is putting stage makeup on an open wound to make it look better rather than help it heal.

Some excerpts:

Males especially will suspect that “close reading” is merely another chapter in the war against boys.” […]

One recalls that in New Math, children were supposed to learn matrices, Boolean algebra, and base-eight. What could be the purpose of this absurd leap into adult academic activities? For one thing, it probably intimidates parents. Are they going to admit they don’t know what Boolean algebra is?

Close Reading seems to me like teaching Boolean algebra to fourth-graders — pretentious and inane. New Math did not teach math. It’s a safe prediction that Close Reading will not teach reading.

In sports, if you take children up an expert slope and turn them loose, you may end up in jail. But in education, you can put children in an uncomfortable, hopeless situation, where they can never really succeed, and you get a grant or a promotion.

It is important to note that parents are key. I repeat, parents are key. Teaches don’t really do the teaching, the parents do. (Failure here is a big factor in the performance of our schools.) If the parents don’t understand, it simply follows that most of the students will not figure it out.

It is also important to note that it is considered child-abuse to put children into sports or other physical circumstances that are obviously beyond their ability. By whatever contorted logic, putting children in mental circumstances beyond their ability is somehow supposed to be good. It is not. Mental scars run deep.