It is so easy to reblog, especially when the words are so close to one’s own. Pointman says what needs to be said, and says it well. I blog to record. This is worth the record, and I hope it gains many cross references. Perhaps soon the search-engine databases will be organized into useful information, rather than just a mining tool. If so, Pointman’s words will show more useful than average.


It’s about having an honest conversation.

That’s what I’ve come to think blogging is. Yes, you can muck around showing how slick or amusing you are but unless you’re genuinely trying to talk to one or two other human beings out there, who perhaps may only exist in your mind’s eye, you’re just adding a bit more volume to the background noise of the internet. You have to take the view that apart from them, nobody out there is listening, so you can talk freely and at your own pace.

To take that thought one step further, once you accept the very real possibility that you might well be talking into an empty void, you don’t really have to care from then on about how the viewpoint you’re expressing will be received and of course, how you choose to express it is your own business. It flows. You’re a free man.


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