For any doubting my title, Dr. Edward R. Long, writing for American Thinker here, provides data. Not models, not projections nor forecasts, not even conjecture or supposition. He provides data to show that despite recent, significant reductions in US carbon dioxide emissions, world emissions proceed apace.

Carbon dioxide is what you get when you burn something. It doesn’t matter if it is a controlled, efficient coal burner/boiler, nor if it is an accidental conflagration of a forest or even a home, nor does it matter if it is your lunch. It burns. CO2 results.

Dr. Long pulled his data from here:

Good source. 

Remember how “green” BP and the other major fossil fuel players were for a while? Of course they were. There was money to be made. Many people who should know thought it would work this round, and there was plenty of government money to support the efforts in many markets. It certainly seemed worth a shot. It wasn’t. They’ve backed out.

But, don’t forget, burning, whether it is corn, soy, wood chips, or even switch grass, it produces CO2. Chemical energy results from burning the carbon molecules to carbon dioxide. That is all it is. We can sinfully, immorally, murderously burn our corn and ethanol while people round the world starve, but we are still producing CO2, both in the burning of the ethanol, and the production of it.

Those supporting more restrictive regulation on burning are immoral. These regulations will increase cost of fuel and electricity and will necessarily result in more deaths than if people were allowed to meet their energy needs. These regulations will kill people directly. Sadly, the regulators will pretend they have statistics claiming the regulations saved lives. But it is a lie. The regulations did not further clean air that is cleaner than it has been more than half a century, and the regulations will cause those who cannot afford increases in fuel and energy to sacrifice. Many of these sacrifices will directly lead to untreated illness, unheated homes, unfed children, and deaths.

EPA, the most dangerous thing known to humanity.