Here is a link to an informative set of data and survey responses.

I have heard it said not everyone has the option to homeschool. I consider that the same statement as not every mother has the option to breastfeed. Sadly, there are circumstances where that is actually true, but such are quite rare. 

Families in fact almost always have the option to homeschool. Circumstances are unique in every case. Some are harder than others.

For me, like a mother’s right to breastfeed, we should always be supportive and never judgmental. Breastfeeding has many advantages. Yet still, for reasons I will support, even if I don’t think the reasoning sound, a mother must be given the honor of determining how to feed her own baby. I will continue to hold that mother knows best.

Likewise homeschooling, every parent will choose. Most will not even know they have an option. Most are vaguely aware of private school options, but never really consider such, given cost. But homeschooling can be done cheaply or otherwise, and the results are good in almost all cases regardless of expenditures.

So, educate yourself, and educate your children. All good parents do, regardless of where the children receive their lessons.