I think I will read this. I do think most people just don’t care how (or why) others think the way they do. Most just decide and suppose others are wrong. It is rather instinctual. If we tried hard regarding our opinion, or we made a noted effort arriving at it, or if there was some positive or negative emotion associated with the opinion, we tend to be stuck on it. Only pain persuades most otherwise.

Big Picture News, Informed Analysis

People see the world differently. If we’re going to do more than preach to our respective choirs in the climate debate, we need to recognize this.

I was a speaker at a conference in downtown Toronto yesterday called Liberty Now 2013. A gathering of interesting and diverse people, the discussion was wide-ranging.

The point in which we all intersected is that we believe passionately in freedom. Previous generations laid down their very lives to ensure our liberty, yet these days freedom is often treated cavalierly.

Speaker Gerry Nicholls drew my attention to a short e-book called The Three Languages of Politics. Written by economist Arnold Kling, it explains that people see the world in profoundly different ways, speak different languages as a result, and therefore often have no clue how to connect with individuals outside their own group.

As an Amazon review observes:

The gist of the…

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