Dr. Schrodt is on to something here.


Many years back, before I tired of Slashdot, my signature included a phrase I’d picked up from some essay on systems theory:

“All successful systems accumulate parasites.”

As a vociferous advocate of open access publication, I would now observe: “Wow!—do they ever!”

The specific motivation for this entry is the very widely publicized “sting” by no less than Science magazine that demonstrated that most of the hundreds of new “open access” journals that have proliferated like fruit flies on a rotting banana will publish glaringly flawed research just to get the access fees. Adding to this—as if the universe were saying”Phil, remember, you meant to do a blog post on this!”—my email in-box was briefly inundated with “invitations” to submit to such entities, and I swear these emails were deliberately edited to mirror Nigerian 419 scams [1].

Without rehashing the Science study, here are three observations:  [2]

1. The fact…

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