When the Focus on the Family organization produced their Truth Project DVD set, I was optimistic. Then I started hearing things. Then I started researching. I few friends looked into it. I heeded their opinions, and some of them worked through the lessons in small groups. Most were quite positive about it. Most of my friends are not particularly worried about exactness in scientific matters. I am. Most of my friends are not engineers. I am.

I quickly realized I could not let my children participate in the viewing in a small group setting, unless that small group was limited to only our family. It was clear that the Truth Project played fast and loose with the truth on occasion. While I think there may still be value in the series for my children, I wouldn’t consider sanctioning their viewing without me in control of the pause button and able to redirect, clarify, and correct. I may not be right, but I am daddy. My girls are all of age now, and I’ve deliberately and conscientiously taught my children to think and act for themselves. I don’t want them to be clones of me, but I am unwilling to let them hear something from authority that I disagree with unless they also hear my disagreement.

BioLogos presents an article by  Dorothy Boorse, here,  http://biologos.org/blog/science-and-the-truth-project-part-2 where she reviews the lesson-5 DVD in the Truth Project series.

Dr. Boorse presents a very clear case regarding the lack of truth in the lectures reviewed.

Perhaps I shouldn’t say lack of truth. Perhaps it is more a lack of commitment to THE truth; to the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God.

The simple fact is that evolutionary theory is a tool. It is not a religion. It is not theology in any sense, but it is a good and useful tool. It works, and it works in an amazing variety of applications related to the biosciences. I’m not convinced it is useful in social sciences, but that might be more a failing of the social sciences in general rather than any particular tool utilized therein. It also might be an indication of my dislike and distrust of all things called “social science.”

Truth above all.

I follow Jesus, and He said He is the way, the truth, and the life. With that, truth becomes pretty much the most important thing in life. If I cannot stay absolutely committed to truth, I cannot see how I am committed to Jesus.

Regarding evolution in general, I find no incompatibility with the biblical assertion that God created man out of the dust of the earth and what Darwin’s theory has become. Dr. Boorse mentioned Howard J. Van Till and the fully gifted creation. I find his views are very similar to my own. This reference, http://www.asa3.org/ASA/education/origins/methods-hvt.htm, is a good summary.

I can recommend this book: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0310220173/discoveryinsti06/102-8881394-1506531?creative=327641&camp=14573&adid=1PHAFTFCXGHBRDD591CP&link_code=as1

I read it while taking an online course from Dr. Hugh Ross’ Reasons.org about creation and evolution.